Supplier mentoring program for the developement of green economy!

The aim of the supplier mentoring programme is to support MVM Mátra Energia Zrt.’s partner companies in finding new market opportunities, implementing product and/or service development, developing their market presence and partner network in the upcoming years.

The energy production of the Mátra power plant is undergoing a transformation: in the coming years, lignite will gradually be replaced by other fuels (e.g. biomass) and a new solar park will be installed. The transformation of energy production will affect the plant’s current suppliers and partners in its industrial park to different degrees and over different time scales.

The Mátra Power Plant partners can join the mentoring programme
free of charge, with the help and support of expert mentors in a wide range of fields to help them implement possible developments and development paths. It is important that the driving force behind all cooperation is the involvement of companies in the green economy through their processes, products and services.

Focus areas of the mentor program:
  • Business development advice (legal, finance, business planning and modelling, finance, marketing)
  • Support for entry into new market areas as a supplier
  • Support for entering foreign markets
  • Innovation: support for product and/or service development
  • Green economy
  • Training consultancy, training organisation

Mentoring has a very wide range of tools. Following a survey, there are opportunities for staff development, including vocational training, courses, visits to exhibitions or study trips. We support companies to exhibit at trade shows and explore supplier opportunities at national and international business events.

The target groups of the mentoring program:

  • the direct, 1st round suppliers (mainly from the counties of Heves and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén) who provide services and products to ensure the operation of the power plant.
  • the second round suppliers who, as downstream participants in the supply chain, are the main suppliers of the above suppliers (mainly from the counties of Heves and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén)
  • Enterprises operating in the Industrial Park of Visonta, including subsidiaries of the power plant, and enterprises in a vulnerable situation where the power plant is an irreplaceable or difficult to replace partner as a supplier of raw materials or other resources (e.g., production heat, by-products).

The number of enterprises involved in the mentoring programme, their territorial distribution, and the schedule of mentoring: The majority of suppliers are enterprises from Heves and B-A-Z counties. Based on the analysis of the supplier value chain, the share of economic relations between the power plant and its suppliers in the two counties is: Heves county 80%; B-A-Z county 20%. From the target group, 250 suppliers will be mentored, with a ratio of 80-20% according to the above regional distribution, i.e., 200 enterprises in Heves County and 50 in B-A-Z County. In the first two and a half years of the project, until February 2023, 150 enterprises will be involved, and in the following two and a half years, another 100 enterprises will be involved.

Expected results:
Building on national and international examples, the mentor program is expected to have economic impacts in the following areas:

  • Dynamic improvement in the business performance of start-ups participating in the project.
  • Increase in turnover.
  • Increase in the number of customers of the enterprises.
  • Increase in the number of businesses in the county active in the green economy.

Target group specific:

  • Increase in export turnover within turnover,
  • Conquering new markets, especially in the green economy
  • Generating new supplier contracts or extending existing ones,
  • Successful participation in a supplier audit/(pre)qualification or, if already done, improvement in the level of supplier audit/qualification after mentoring,
  • A recommendation or letter of intent from a potential customer to include the mentored company in the potential supplier pool of that customer.

For more information, please contact the mentors:

Heves vármegye:

  • File Sándor, E-mail:, Telefonszám: 30/749-5381
  • Becskei Márk, E-mail:, Telefonszám: 20/517-9290
  • Juhász Gabriella, E-mail:, Telefonszám: 20/669-1148
  • Kelemen Judit, E-mail:, Telefonszám: 70/932-3576
  • Benkő Béla, E-mail:, Telefonszám: 30/952-2981

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén vármegye:

  • Tóth Irma, E-mail:, Telefonszám: 46/501-878
  • Szécsiné Bányai Ilona, E-mail:, Telefonszám: 46/501-876
  • Dudás Tiborné, E-mail:
  • Szatmáriné Szabó Erzsébet, E-mail:
  • Varga Sándor, E-mail: