The Consortium

Consortium Board

  • Leader of the Consortium: Ms. Daniella Deli, Deputy Secretary of State for Climate Policy at the Ministry for Technology and Industry, Hungary.
  • Project Manager: Ms. Eszter Kiss, MTI
  • Financial Manager: Ms. Mária Németh, MTI

Communication Team

  • Leader of the Communication Working Group: Mr. Lőrinc Varga, Project Communication Manager, MTI

Coal Commission Secreatariat

  • Head of Secretariat: Ms. Dr. Zsuzsa Piskóti-Kovács, Project Professional Leader, Eszterházy Károly Catholic University

NECP Coal Phase-out Working Group

  • Leader of the NECP Coal Phase-out Working Group: Mr. József Lezsák, Coordinator of the NECP Working Group, MTI

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